March 31, 2013

Happy Easter !!
Just popped in to wish you all a Happy Easter and to let you know so far I have completed 2 final exams ... Both A's .. I am taking another one tomorrow and handing one in ... So far 4 A's and 1 B so hopeing to end will all A's !!!!

March 24, 2013

Good Morning Here i is another weekend and they are calling for snow .. Maybe 2-4 inches maybe more ... I want one good snow storm and then be done with it. I am having a good weekend I got alot accomplished ... Laundry is done , wrote down all movies we own and got rid of dbls. Goig to sell them on Cheapcycle .. got things organized and today I am goign to do my Law and ethics test and study for Med Terms ... Just filed for my bi weekly claim for unemployment and now going to search the web for cool site and such... Will post about it .. Have a blessed Day

March 21, 2013

Spring Break is coming

I am sorry I have not posted in a while , this semester has ben a killer , BUT I have 4 's and 1 B so I am good with that and only have 4 more class days this semester then I am off from April 3rd to Aril 17th Spring Cleaning in my future...LOL.. and getting ready for my 3rd Semester. My classes will be College Math, Enulish Comp1, Anatomy and Physiology < A&P> , and Medical Coding so I still am going Mon - Thur and have Fridays and the weekend off I am going to try and keep up on here . I can take my laptop and between classes I can update , if I have time and if not when I get home. This winter has been ok here .. we survived Sandy and such. Amanda is working at Target almost month snow and she LOVES it! She is doing well with her Credit Cards she She let's me use them for emergencies an I pay on them with her to pay off my part and tis is working out, Mike is getting ready to graduate in June and it has been a nightmare, We have paid all class dues and it was cheaper because e does not want to go to the Prom or Snr. Breakfast so it was only $26.50 and not $ 100.00 and he has his grades in order all are waiting on s his Community Service Hours. Steve is taking are of dogs and home as normal. I am not sure if I told you I have a new puppy, ok she is 6 months old I will explain all that in another post. I have so much to you all .. I am getting ready for school now and typing Oy the typos They are calling for snow for Palm Sunday and I a just waiting here.. so far not al lot of snow here and I m hoping this is the last one. Well I have to finish getting ready so Have a Blessed Da All ad I will get you all caught up this weekend.