June 30, 2015

6.30.2015 Update on House

Went to the attorney and they are going to get a quitclaim deed for me and send Charles and I am going to sign mine on Thursday and fingers crossed we can get this all done and get it approved and no court for me !!! YEA 

Also my finance is finally getting his teeth fixed !!

June 24, 2015

I am going to document my steps to save my home ...
I am going to try and do this as I find out and give sites to help others, I am in PA and can nly go by where I am -- Bethlehem PA

It is official I have been served with foreclosure papers This fucking sucks as I have been in this house since 2000 -- 15 years and I was able to do this alone and now I cannot afford it and I cannot afford to move to the one place I have to go .. I am heartbroken and feeling very alone .. I have Stephen Belt and Amanda Leigh right here with me ,,, and I still feel alone I have some choices but not a lot and I am not wanting to live in my damn car.. Sorry for venting but I am heartbroken..
Thanks for listening ..

Update . I know about how much I owe to get caught up, I need to get a quit claim deed and I have a call into the Lawyer Referral Service for 30.00 I get 30 min consolation and they may or may not help further. Also CACLV will not see me without a quit claim deed so I get that and then they will help.. All needs to be done and organized by 8.19.2015 .. Talked to the mortgage company and there is no sell date as of now and probably will not until after the court date ..

Another update : I have an appointment with an attorney on 6.30.2015 at 2:00 PM and it is 30 min for 30.00 and I am hoping to get direction or help I need,