August 18, 2015

Loan Modification

Hey all,

Court tomorrow at 2 PM and this is the first date for this kind of hearing. I then meet with CACLV representative on the 25th and set up a budget.
I have suspended my Direct TV until 1.1.2016
I was able to canceld my home phone service, I never use it, and saved 20.00 a month. 
Also as of 9.11.2015 I can change my AT&T plan to the Next plan and save money.
I am going to be putting away money in savings and NOT touch it.
I had money and well life happens and I had to start again. I know banks do not care BUT I need my car, I am not waking home at midnight. We also had to put one of my fur babies down and that really sucked. So I am at 60.00 in savings and 2 paychecks left this month.
I am so hoping this is going to go as I planned,
1. Loan Modification
2. Interest rate from 7.5 to at least 4.0
3. Payments taken from my bank account weekly ( I get paid weekly )
4. I KEEP the house.
Prayers are welcome !!

Thank you for reading