About My Blog

My Blog is about me and my life > Tips I have learned to save money > To live Greener > More Frugal > The struggles I have and the successes as well.
I am very new to Blogging and sometimes I forget I have one...LOL
I have allot of information on these pages that I an going to go through and move around and have it make sense somehow.
Come along for the ride of my life.

It has been awhile since I was one here to update this page so here goes
The Summer was not too bad this year -- We have been living greener and healthier than last year..lol I am taking a hard look at finances and looking what to cut and what not to cut --- Like Direct TV is about 100.00 a month I am looking to combine internet > phone and TV in one bill > I am looking into making more meals from scratch > Looking for more ways to save > I am not an " extreme " coupon er but I am using them where I can > My DH is still looking for a job < tough out there > Even asking to cut people's yards and such .. Our Dream is to own a farm
and live off the land < as much as we can > but until then ...
I sit and look at what I bring in and what goes out .. One good thing is the repayment plan to the mortgage company is DONE --- WOOT the payment will go from 1030.00 to 860.00 so about 200.00 savings there.. We own the car no car payments and my insurance is about 78.00 every 6 months ..
We got ahead on stocking up dog food .. always have 1 bag just in case .. Starting to stock up on other things ..
DH built a cool shelf for me and we are going to get more wood to build another one for storing food..
If anyone has suggestions please email me : Michelle.Stephen2005@gmail.com or just post here
Until next time
Love and Live Full time