August 29, 2011

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- HealthCommunities

August 28, 2011

I survived Irene .. So far

Hey all ... It is 7:30 am est on 8.28.2011 and we have power > Water and no major damage .. I got about 2 hours sleep as I was up most of the night making sure all was ok... I got to leave work yesterday at 4 pm < they closed down > and I am off today... we lost power for maybe 10 seconds but it came back on.. I am thanking God for getting us through ..
Hope everyone on the East Coast is safe...

August 24, 2011

Earthquake ?

Yea kind of crazy feeling an earthquake yesterday but yup sure did .. I was at work and kept asking WHY are you shaking my desk Little did I know ..
Hope all is well with everyone .. Going to pick up Mike's glasses tomorrow and pay my LAST repayment payment and then back to a Normal Mortgage ... saving of about 200.00 per month..
I cannot wait ..
We will go grocery shopping .. Hubby ran out for bread today and got Wheat .50 a loaf at Aldis .. They mark it down when it is out of date or going out of date and we have bought 20 loaves once that were .25 each... we LOVE bread...LOL
Have an awesome weekend !!

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August 18, 2011

Good Morning

Morning all

Kind of cloudy here in PA and Humid again ... I am feeling better today still in a blah mood ... But this shall pass soon I hope...
I guess some people just aggravate me and I should stop letting that happen and just realize I have my family > Health and a job -- So all is good
Hope everyone is having a great summer .. I see Texas finally got rain .. WOOT !!!
Well I am signing off for the day

August 11, 2011


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Good Morning

Good Morning

Today is just a blah day ... Economy going crazy and me the only one working and I watching these reality shows and wonder .. Seriously !! I have been in a funk lately because I am living paycheck to paycheck and trying to cut back and not sure where to start --- Then the show Downsizing comes on and I though Hmmm maybe I can learn something and then as I am watching it hits me ... How can they complain when they are getting paid to have their lives on TV --- How is this a bad thing .. any of the Housewives of shows .. Seriously the biggest thing you have to worry about is whether to get a cappuccino or a decaf -- I said I was in a funk. I need work on my house and I have tried to get then best deal for my dollar and no deals... I ever offered to help and so did my DH and they said we could not form insurance reasons.. SO I am looking up online how to fix and repair and go from there. So if anyone living in Bethlehem PA knows of anyone or where I can look online for a good Handy Man ... I am willing to help !
I do make a decent hourly wage < between 19.00 and 20.00 per hour > Insurance for me and family is about 160.00 a month for full coverage > it is all the taxes .. Since Steve and I are not legally married > it is a domestic partnership form now > I also have a 401k and that is doing OK for now-- I had to borrow against it for < Emergency > Washer and Fridge died at the same time just sit and look at all the things that are taken out of my paycheck ... SS Tax < may not be there for me when i retire > Privilege Tax , I live in PA , it is NO longer a privilege to work .. Medicare Tax > again may not be there for me when I retire , City Tax . for 2 cities and I work in 1 and live in another , State Tax , FICA , It just seems like WHERE does this money go ????
Steve has been looking for work for over 3 years .. he had a job and we had to take care of my Mother and he stayed home with her --- She has been in a home for about 3 years now but so far only temp jobs ---
I am not looking for sympathy or anything I just needed to vent..
WE have our health , family and love so we are good ...
Sorry for the vent but i do feel better for now ...LOL
Have a great day all