May 17, 2013


Wow it has been awhile ... I am so crazy right now with school... I have had homework every night and my brain is overloaded...LOL .. but I did want to let you all know I applied to host a Morning Star House Party and I am praying I get this one because I LOVE Morning Star !!! We do a Meatless  Monday and we only use Morning Star... I will keep you all updated !!!!

May 3, 2013


Good Morning ... I am getting better at blogging I made Deans List again last Semester and I am working on 3 in a row ...
My baby turned 19 yesterday ... I feel Feels like just yesterday he was learning to walk .. He is going to graduate on 6/4 and then no more in school .. I am not sure how I will handle that
I am attempting to get the house in order again . LOL .. I am an organized person and when things get messy I go into organize mode.. I have so much to take to the Thrift Store and I am not getting any closer to it getting there..
I am hoping to get MEdical Insurance soon so I can get my Diabetes in check and go from there ..
NICE day here today and an awesome weekend  in store so Outside we shall be ,,
Have a blessed day