January 30, 2011


I am still relaxing and not really getting stuff done...lol I am also going to be going through recipes > MYO > and posting here... I am also thinking of starting my own frugal Group on Yahoo but not sure yet.. If I do I will post it here...
Mom is back in the hospital she had a fever of 103 .. She has Alzhimers > Dimensia > Diabetes and she is fighting an infection in her blood ... Very Sad and Up and down...
Mike is doing well and better since on Adderall and getting batter grades.. Diet helps ADHD as well
Amanda is still looking for a job.. She has her insurance through the Welfare system here and she is now covered... I was so worried when she was taken off mine about her Asthma and Anxiety
Ashley and Thao just gt back from California where they are moving to next year with Thao's sister
they are learning CA is not cheap..LOL
Steve and I are good ... We love each other more than words can say .. I thank God and my Guardian Angels everyday for him --- I do not know many men after moving in and starting a life with a pre made family would give up their job to care for a MIL with these issues... He is awesome ...
Other than that family is good and weather is SNOW and more SNOW and then I think even more SNOW..
That is my update

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