February 19, 2012

Long time

I am sorry it has been a long time since I posted... I have been soooo busy ,.... with work and my daughters working and Amanda turning the BIG 21 !!! I cannot believe she is 21 all ready .... how time flies ...lol ...
Work is good and things are getting back to normal ... I am trying to organize my home and get it ready so DH can go back to work... he is wanting to but was making sure all was ok here .. so I am working on it. We have been feeding the dogs home made dog food... Mainly rice or noodles > Veggies like Sweet potato > Peas > Broccoli > Squash > Turnips > Green Beans > and Fruits > Apples > Strawberries > Blueberries ... They are loving it Oh and Meat is either chicken or beef > Sometimes beef liver or chicken liver .. I also by the soup bones cook them up and they LOVE them... I will have to get their pictures on here soon..LOL.. they are my fur babies after all.. ok I think I am caught up for now ... Have a blessed day

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