November 9, 2010

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Psoriasis, acne, mouth sores, insect bites, etc. p

I have a theory with regard to the remedy: when I last lived in the States (about 25 years ago), meat tenderizer was made with papaya, whose enzymes break down meat tissue. Just intuitively, it sounds right that something like that would disperse or neutralize the irritant in insect stings. In addition, papaya is the main herbal ingredient of a line of cosmetic creams produced here in Israel, as it has fantastic anti-wrinkle, skin-softening ability. The lady whose business it is first noticed the healing properties of papaya when aiding an injured man: having nothing else to bind his gaping wound, and knowing that fruit is sterile inside, she cut a papaya she fortunately had with her and bound it to his wound as an improvised bandage. By the time they reached help, the wound was healing noticeably.

When I get bug bites they don't itch or pain me anymore. They use to react terribly on me.. however, quite by accident a few years ago I started to use a body lotion with a 5% concentration of Tea Tree Oil and now the bugs still bite me but, they don't seem to itch or pain me anymore.. I can see the bite.. but I get no reaction and the only thing that I can attribute it to is the TTO which must be in my system all the time.
Now when my hubby gets bitten he reacts terribly to them.. and I put a little bit of TTO on the bite relieves the pain and the itch considerably for him.. so that it is not as bad as it use to be.. and he is not scratching etc now. I have also found that they don't get infected for him anymore either.

To get rid of itch from mosquito bites, try applying soap on the area and you will experience instant relief.
Chigger bite -- preparation H
try ammonia on the sites. It will dry up the secretions. I don't know if they are ants or spider bites. ants are usually extremely painful bites for me, while spider bites just itch (but my spiders don't bite me, we have a deal, besides, I LOVE my spiders)
To keep them out of the house, I would suggest to clean the house thoroughly, vacuum everywhere and dispose of the bag immediately afterwards. This keeps them from crawling out and restoring their nests. Black Walnut leaves and pennyroyal will keeps some of the pests out, mostly fleas. Tansy Leaf (I just lay mine on the sink where ants travel) prevents ants and keeps them at bay. (don't plant tansy near your paeonies)
Another possiblility is that you have chiggers infesting your house. for bodily relief, paint the bite site with clear fingernail polish. To rid your house, sprinkle Sevin dust, leave for a day, then vacuum, disposing of the bag immediately afterwards.

does anyone know of any herbs that help psorisias and any herbs that help dandruff ??
a tisane of rosemary as a body rinse will help with skin and scalp. an internal concoction of equal parts honey and applecider vinegar (i tblsp) in an 8 oz glass of water every morning will heal the skin and truly improve one's disposition.

I don't know if it was for psoriasis or what, but I know that Bag Balm or Udder Balm has been very effective for a family friend with a skin condition (pretty sure it was psoriasis). You should be able to get it at Walmart or a health food store. Comes in a green tin. It's very effective, but I don't know what all it has in it.

This may sound too simple but in clinical trial it has worked for Psoriasis. Your dad may want to try Aloe vera gel topically. It is supposed to heal 83% of the patients if you believe the research. If he has a lot of scaling and cracking making a tea of Wild Pansy(Viola tricolor)and washing the area with this tea before applying the aloe gel may also help.
Eczema: We just started giving her Black Currant Oil because in all my research this week everyone just sang it's praises. Although it can take up to 2 months to show any signs of workingwe are hopeful that it will.

I belong to an oil/herb group that has been offering help to an adult with eczema. These are some of the suggestions...I personally have not tried them but just wanted to pass along the infomation to you.
#1 makes a salve out of plantain,comfrey, chickweed and other "weeds" that many people have found very helpful for topical use in eczema.

Now, about tackling the ROOT CAUSE of skin conditions. Look to the liver and large intestine.
Run to, and find "Healing Psoriasis" by Dr John A. Pagano. Everything you want to know about psoriasis and eczema, and how to get rid of it!

Someone else suggested using Hemp Seed Oil to externally rub on the affected areas. Also to take Flax Seed Oil internally
Also drink lots of water.

I have some mild psoriasis in my ears of all places. What has worked for me even better than prescription meds is tea tree oil. I dab it on with a Q-tip and within 2 or 3 days, it is gone. Don't know if this would work with eczema, but you might consider giving it a try. My husband also puts it on his athlete's foot and it clears up in a matter of a week instead of months!

I had to look us verruca! Wart. Ok, Heinerman (who I'm not real sure of) says rub the milk from a dandelion on the wart several times a day. Doesn't say how long it takes but says it works. Also on age spots according to him. Haven't had occasion to try it. Edgar Casey says rub with castor oil.

It really works!! I was cooking a curry tonite, opened to lid of the pot toward me and got a nasty steam burn on the tender skin on the inside of my arm above my wrist.
I went out into the garden, got some plantain leaves, mashed them a little between my fingers and put them on the burn. In about five minutes, all the pain was gone. Still have one taped on under a piece of gauze. No pain!

Carefully unroll a portion of the guaze, usually about 8 inches long, and unfold the sides. Sprinkle plantain leaf over center of guaze until completely coated in the middle 4 or 5 inches. (This leaves the ends free for tying or taping). Fold guaze sides back over to cover the plantain and fold neatly and place in container.
Make as many as you want to keep around.
Bring water to a boil and shut off heat. Immerse one guaze strip in the water until the plantain is well moistened and the water turns into an infusion. Remove strip and let cool before placing over the area you wish to treat. (If treating a burn, be sure it is cool!)
We keep these on hand around the farm thru the winter months when fresh plantain is not available.

* Bee stings - meat tenderizer
* Chigger bite - Preparation H
* Paper cut - crazy glue or chap stick (glue is used instead of sutures at most hospitals)
* Sore nipples - (Nursing Mothers) chap stick - or a wet Lipton tea bag

fistular (also called 'rondular') eczema, like me!" I told her it was supposed to be ringworm, and she gave a wry chuckle and a prescription for cortisone cream. I used it just long enough to get the crusty little rings and patches on my arms and legs dissappearing, so stopped using it and started using other things.
The weirdest thing is, the best stuff I ever used on it was Yves Rocher's 'Huiles Essentials', made with (gastp!) mineral oil and isopropyl alcohol, back before I learned about them as topical ingredients to stay away from. So now I'm trying pine tar ointment and lavender oil on one really tough spot. The patch is no longer red and itching/burning, but it's still there.
Dawn says rosewater and glycerine have helped many folks with it, so I'll be giving that a try, too.

I have an answer for Laurie, and her scars. Mederma is, now, available over the counter. It sells for about $15.00 for a 0.7 ounce tube. My Wal-Mart, also, sells a tube twice that size for a couple of dollars less than double the price of the smaller tube. She'll find it next to the bandages.
I've used it on my 20+ year old stretch marks, and it works.

DRY SKIN: First, make sure you are drinking enough water. Eight 8-oz cups of water throughout the day (not all at once) will help with your skin dryness. Most people do not drink enough water, and the skin reflects that.
Secondly, you might try applying grapeseed oil directly to your dry skin. You can purchase grapeseed oil at any health food store, and I've seen it at Walmart, too, for around $5 for a 4-oz bottle. You can also purchase it
online at, and they'll deliver it to you. The oil is derived from grape seeds, and there are no other ingredients that may cause an allergy. Grapeseed oil is very light, both in color and in texture, and the
skin drinks it in. My mom uses this on a daily basis, and at age 76, she looks fantastic. Grapeseed oil is also used in cooking, so there's nothing in it that will hurt you.

When Skin Gets Hot it Itches and is Painful
I need help! My son has always had dry skin (it reminds me of lizard skin) and I always assumed it was because we lived in Arizona. He is now in Pennsylvania on a mission for our Church. He wrote home recently desperate for some help. When he gets hot and begins to sweat, his skin over his entire body begins to itch and then burn to the point of PAIN. He says it is if he has a rash but there is not one on him anywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions? Several people have suggested cortisone which I don't think will solve the problem as he doesn't have a rash. I would prefer, as would he, a solution that doesn't involve the use of steroids as I am aware of the side effects. Thanks in advance for your help

*Gentle Naturals Baby Eczema Cream:
Both of my children have Eczema and their skin is very sensitive. I have been using this lotion called Gentle Naturals Baby Eczema Cream. It soothes the itchy dry skin that goes along with eczema. It works very well. You may try this for your son. It may be very helpful. Marty

*Mexsana Medicated Powder or Ice Packs:
My mother used to have what sounds like the same problem. She used to use Mexsana medicated powder on that (as well as on chiggers), but I don't recall if it helped. Also has he tried ice packs? Nell from Texas

*Allergy & Use Olive Oil for Relief:
It sounds to me as though he is getting reactions due to some kind of allergy or even worse, an intolerance. This is not going to be easy for him to track down! It could be something he is eating, what he uses to do laundry, a personal hygiene product he is using, a fiber in his clothes, any of hundreds of different things. This is not the kind of thing you can do allergy testing for, especially if it's just an intolerance and not a true allergy. Trial and error and a lot of patience are the only way to deal with finding the culprit. Meanwhile he might try rubbing a bit of olive oil all over after every shower or bath. Soothes the skin, and helps protect. Good luck tracking this down! J. in northeast Indiana

*Aveeno Oatmeal Bath:
Try Aveeno Oatmeal bath or any small grain oatmeal bath, soak and (this is the most important part) while still wet (without toweling off) apply Vaseline/petroleum jelly to the entire body with downward strokes. Try to cover entire body within two minutes. Hope this helps, it did for me when a dermatologist told me to do it.
*Colloidal Silver and Pro Bema:
My son has "lizard" skin as well. We have found that an application of colloidal silver water, followed by a product called "Pro Bema" made from aloe vera works wonders. I can't explain why either of these work, but Pro Bema especially seems to take away my son's "lizard" skin within two days, and that's WITHOUT using the colloidal silver first. I apply the Pro Bema
to his skin in the morning when he wakes up and at night after bath.

*Lecithin: I have not tried it but have read that psoriasis-like skin problems have been helped by taking three tablespoons of lecithin a day to "fix" the problem and a few tablespoons a week to control it. Debbie

Paper cut -- crazy glue or chap stick (glue is used instead
of sutures at most hospitals)

Sunburn-empty a large jar of Nestea into your bath water
Minor burn-Colgate or Crest toothpaste
* Elmer's Glue-paint on your face, allow it to dry, peel off
and see the dead skin and blackheads, if any

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