September 30, 2014

Good Morning

I need to get here more often... with work and apt. and such it is hectic ... but I will try.
Tomorrow I go pick up my things for graduation and I am so feeling not excited about graduating.. I guess it is because I see things so differently than others,.. Like I cannot lie n an interview and they want me to ... I am all about being me and if that is not good enough the oh well... I mean if I interviewed with you once and was rejected and 2 months later you call me and act like you have never talked to me ... I do not understand. I am just feeling defeated right now as I had to take a job outside of my filed of study as I needed a job or loose my house this is why I feel defeated. I had to give u my dream for now and do what I have to to survive and I do not think my school advisor understands that. Oh well..
Enough negative
The leaves are changing and they are looking beautiful...So love fall...!!!
I am going to clean the dogs room and upstairs.. So much dirt...LOL
Have a blessed day !!!

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