October 12, 2014

10.12.2014 WALKING DEAD DAY !!!

Good Morning

WALKING DEAD !!!! I am so excited it is back on tonight at 9 PM and then the Talking Dead!!!
It is official I am a College Graduate .. I have an Assoc. Degree in Medical Asst. I am so proud of my self as I graduated Suma KumLauda .. with a 3.88 GPA ... I worked hard for that GPA and for being out of school since 1981 I am VERY PROUD of myself.. !!!

I had friends who helped along the way ... all though they seem to have forgotten this, I was not able  to go to my graduate as I had to work and that is ok.. I was there for those who matter in Spirit...

I am really liking my job and my new schedule is the same : 330 - 1200 w/weekends off. I am happy.. I know at some point I will have to work days for a bit but I want mu nights because ... it is mainly Drama Free..lol.. and I am not about Drama I want peace and strees free...

I am going to be adding a page with all my favorites... Movies, Music, online games , TV shows.. that kind of thing and I also want to add a  recipe page and put some of my favorite recipes...

I am going to get going Have a blessed day !!!

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