September 7, 2011


Good Morning
It is still raining here is PA ,,, I wish I could sent this to Texas they need rain badly --
I am going to be adding some links on the page here today for different recipe and cooking sites...
I am hoping to get some things done around here today ,,, but ... the rain makes me .. I do have to call the school because I need to get my son to re take English < he failed last year > and hopefully not have him go to Night school , that is 200.00 I do not have... sighs ,, soon he will be done and i will not have to deal with the schools anymore .. It is sad really the schools around me have gone down hill and seem to have stopped caring ..
it took me over 5 years to get them to test him for ADHD and it took literally threatening to go to the school board .. very sad .. and he was officially diagnosed and has the Meds he needs and is doing better.
Hopefully you have a wonderful week
Thank you for stopping by

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