September 8, 2011


It is getting bad here in PA with the flooding ... towns near me are flooded badly and people are evacuating .. Hershey Park in Hershey PA is flooded and they have lost animals from the Zoo there... very sad. So far " knock on wood " we are not flooded and we can get around. This rain is crazy any more we are going to building an Arc ---
It is also Humid and we cannot keep the windows open so we are having to run AC during the day and fans at night.. Hopefully soon we can have some dry weather .. I so wish we could send our rain to Texas with the fires..
Other than the weather things are good ... Mike my ds and Steve my dh went to pick up their new rats... They love the small furry rodents and take very good care > we recently lost the 2 we had and the house is not the same without the squeaky
I will try and keep you updated on the weather you can go to or for pictures and stories.
Have a safe weekend

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