September 14, 2011


Good Morning
How is everyone ?  We are good so
I am going to be calling the school soon to get Mike's issues all set up and hopefully I can get the school to pay for Night School ... There is a program that can help and I am going to try .. everything is salary based and not what  I bring home but what I gross < which is no where near what I bring home >
Then Amanda has a Dr Appt today with her Psychiatrist so she can get on the right meds to help her as well. Alot  going on here this week but I will be good.. hoping to make a Library run today as well.
Weather is OK here and going to get a little cooler tomorrow and some places may see frost this week... I am ready for cooler days and nights 
The dog are getting restless and more hyper than normal... I think they feel all the stress here ... We will be fine just need some Steve and Michelle time..
Have a awesome day ...

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