September 26, 2011


Good Morning
Hot and humid again here today ... 24 hrs w.out breaking down ,... This is so hard When I was little I thought my Mom would live forever and she would always be there... So hard .. She was a colorful person and always lived life to the fullest .. Never worried about what others thought ... but was often hurt by their words.. I guess no one really understood her she was hurting inside all she wanted was to be loved by someone and not made to feel guilty ..or stupid .. No one really ever saw that side of her ... I did and not that she wanted me to .. When Joe passed she was heart broken and asked who will love me like that again ... I love my Mom and I miss her something awful and I will always treasure the life I had with her ,, the good the bad and the ugly .. She always loved me and never judged .. Be at peace Mom I will take care of it all like I always did .. Love you Mom

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